Welcome to Ocean State Be Yoga, formerly Ocean State Bikram Yoga! We continue to honor all packages from Ocean State Bikram Yoga. We have changed our name and are excited to share new classes and styles of yoga beyond Bikram Yoga. We currently have Bikram Yoga, a 90 minute hot yoga class, a 75 minute Vinyasa class, and a gentle non-heated Therapeutic Stretching class on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 10:45 am.  If you have not been to our studio before, please check out these photos to help you find the location. Click here for the schedule and prices. 

We want to help you feel better and be better. We hope that from your very first visit, you will feel welcomed by happy, smiling faces. Our studio is a judgment-free, safe zone where you will be guided by professional teachers who are devoted to helping you get the most from your yoga practice. 

At OSBY, you can Be Better than you’ve ever imagined.